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Title: Movie File Sharing Amongst Young New Zealanders
Author: [Synovate]


Year: 2009


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Film
Country/Territory: New Zealand
Objective: To assess young New Zealanders' behaviour and attitudes concerning illegal movie file sharing.
Sample: 500+ respondents aged between 15 and 30 years
Methodology: Survey

Main Findings

Two in five young New Zealanders have downloaded illegal copies of movies for free. 65% do not feel guilt about the artists not receiving any payment for their work. However, fewer respondents believe that illegal downloading using file-sharing programs is acceptable (47% vs. 60% in 2008). Also, the awareness of movie piracy arrests or charges has significantly increased (45% vs. 35% in 2008).

71% of respondents would take notice and stop illegal downloading if being warned by their ISP. 62% would probably stop illegal downloading if their Internet connection could be suspended or terminated.

[Date Added: Apr 1, 2010 ]