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Title: Pirataria - Diagnóstico Brasil
Author: [Instituto Análise]
Year: 2009


Subject/Type: Counterfeiting
Focus: Brands (non-deceptive counterfeits)
Country/Territory: Brazil
Objective: To determine the extent of and attitudes towards counterfeiting and piracy in Brazil.
Sample: 1,000 nationally representative adults, aged 16+
Methodology: Face-to-face interviews

Main Findings

64% of Brazilian consumers report not having bought any counterfeit products in the past month, while 36% have done so. Respondents with a higher education level are most likely to have bought fake goods.

When asked about their attitudes to counterfeiting and piracy, respondents agree that:

- counterfeiting/piracy will only decrease if the government lowers taxes (84%)
- genuine brands are too expensive and that, as a consequence, it is justifiable to buy fakes (80%)
- only those who cannot afford the original buy fakes (67%)
- consumers buy counterfeit goods to help street vendors without formal employment (62%)

Half of respondents agree that there is a link between piracy and counterfeiting and organized crime. Respondents do not believe that:

- counterfeiting/piracy will only decrease when people are more educated (70%)
- those who purchase fakes should go to prison (94%)

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