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Title: UK adults turn their nose up at content owners' right to royalties
Author: [Opinion Matters / Tickbox.net]


Year: 2009


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Film, Music, Video Games
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Objective: To explore attitudes and opinions concerning copyrighted online content.
Sample: 2,004 nationally representative adults aged 16+
Methodology: Online survey

Main Findings

Three out of five British adults do not agree that musicians should profit from their singles and music videos being downloaded online. Even more respondents believe that film and TV makers should not derive any online royalties.

43% of people that download music, films and video games admit to never paying for content that they are supposed to pay for. Overall, confusion with who owns content posted on the Internet is widespread: only one in four respondents believe that they retain rights to the content they post on social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube, and 37% have no idea who owns online content.

[Date Added: Mar 11, 2010 ]