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Title: Patented and Generic Pharmaceutical Drugs: Perception and Prescription
Author: Ernest Cyril de Run and Mee-Kon Ng Felix [Universiti Malaysia Sarawak]

International Journal of Business and Society 7, no. 2: 55-78

Year: 2006


Subject/Type: IP Protection
Focus: Patents
Country/Territory: Malaysia
Objective: To study doctor perceptions of patented and generic drugs, and to determine factors that affect prescribing decisions.
Sample: 62 doctors in Sarawak government hospitals
Methodology: Questionnaire

Main Findings

The study found that doctors have different perceptions towards patented and generic drugs. Views associated with patented drugs are: “overall quality”, “proven”, “legal”, “R&D”, “New”, and “Bigbro”.

Generic drugs are seen as: “Cheap”, “Lacking”, “Questionable”, “Similar to”, “Older”, and “Can prescribe”.

Prescribing decisions are found to be affected by several factors: “Experience”, “Past Test”, “Patient Medical”, “Patient Use & Cost”, “Policy”, “Guidelines”, “Pharmacy Policy”, “Personal & Rep”, and “Illness”.

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