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Title: Confusing The Captain With The Cabin Boy: The Dangers Posed To Reform Of Cyber Piracy Regulation By The Misrepresented Interface Between
Author: Michael Filby [University of Hertfordshire]

Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology 2, no. 3: 154-184

Year: 2007


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Film
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Objective: To investigate whether the laws regulating intellectual property (IP) have been misrepresented in campaigns and other communication sources, and to investigate consumer perception of laws against piracy.
Sample: 157 law students and participants in Internet forums
Methodology: Two case studies (an anti-DVD-piracy campaign and an editorial regarding film piracy). Anonymous online questionnaire advertised via posters in a Law school and in Internet discussion groups

Main Findings

Evaluates the "Piracy is a crime" campaign and the "Empire Investigates" piracy article. Argues that society has been influenced by a “misrepresentation” of information about IP regulation. Reasons given for film piracy include: high (perceived) price of legal copies, seeing film before available in official channels, difficulties in obtaining legal copy (old/obscure films), "try-before-buy", "time-shifting", anti-industry feelings, convenience/ease, avoid DRM, not willing to pay for different versions of product already purchased.

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