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Organizer: Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico (MiSE)
Country/Territory: Italy
Language: Italian
Focus: General Counterfeits
Outreach Tools: Films / Videos, Posters / Printed Materials, Print / Radio / TV PSAs, Spokespersons / Spokescharacters, Website
Target Audience: Consumers, General Public, Kids / Tweens / Teens


"No al falso" ("No to fakes") anti-counterfeiting campaign (launched 2008/2009); objective: to reinforce the concept that the purchase of counterfeit goods is harmful for everyone, for companies, for workers, for consumer safety, for the tax system, and, therefore, for the entire country

- slogans: "con la contraffazione perde tutta l'Italia" ("with counterfeiting, all Italy loses") , "un falso ti delude sempre" (a fake always disappoints you")

- features viral videos aimed especially at the younger generation showing the disappointment of consumers of fake products

- spokesperson: Italian national football team head coach Marcello Lippi (appears in a campaign spot denouncing Italian national football team members whose names have been altered to "Zambrutta, Buffone, Poni, Grasso": "with counterfeiting, all Italy loses; therefore, also you")

[Date Added/Updated: Feb 18, 2010]