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Organizer: British Electrotechnical & Allied Manufacturers Association Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group (BEAMA ACWG)
Country/Territory: China, Egypt, Ghana, International, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Niger, Sudan, Uganda, United Kingdom, United Republic of Tanzania
Language: Arabic
Focus: General Counterfeits
Outreach Tools: Brochures / Guides, Films / Videos, Multimedia Products, Posters / Printed Materials, Social media, Website
Target Audience: Law Enforcement Officials, Policy Makers, Retailers, Rightholders, SMEs


"Counterfeit Kills" electrical industry initiative (since 2008) to raise awareness of the risks associated with the trade in counterfeit goods and to provide information about the actions being taken to combat this trade

- Video/DVD: "Counterfeit Kills: Protect Yourself"

- Brochure: "Counterfeit Kills - Be Safe - Don't electrocute your customers"

- Poster: "Counterfeit Kills, be safe - don't electrocute your customers" (featuring a raging inferno) [2009]

- Website: blog, counterfeit report tool, gallery

[Date Added/Updated: Dec 3, 2012]