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Organizer: Copyright Information & Anti-Piracy Centre (CIAPC), Lyhdyn (Luovan työn tekijät ja yrittäjät)
Country/Territory: Finland
Language: Finnish
Focus: General Piracy, Music Piracy
Outreach Tools: Awards / Scholarships / Grants, Brochures / Guides, Cartoon Animations / Comics, Competitions, Curriculum Materials, Films / Videos, Posters / Printed Materials, Website
Target Audience: Kids / Tweens / Teens, School Teachers


"Copyright protects creative work" ("Tekijänoikeus suojaa luovaa työtä" / "Upphovsrätten skyddar skapande arbete") educational package for primary school (10-12 year old students); includes teachers' materials ("Copyright protects creative work - the basic facts about copyright" information booklet, lesson plans, teacher guide, classroom poster) and students' materials ("Do not believe, but find out!", storybook, board game); website: presentation of artists, copyright information resource

"Pirate Factory" ("Piraattitehdas") educational resource for secondary school; includes teachers' materials (teacher's guide, films, presentations) and students' materials (comic about a hopeful young band thwarting the efforts of music pirates to steal their music before it is released, quiz, anti-piracy poster competition); website: artists comment on music piracy, FAQ, "what is allowed and what should not be done"

Anti-piracy poster competition in schools (2008)

Anti-piracy film trailer competition in schools (2008)

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