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Organizer: Motion Picture Association - International (MPA)
Country/Territory: Australia, China, Hong Kong, China, International, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan Province of China, Thailand
Language: Chinese
Focus: Film Piracy
Outreach Tools: Brochures / Guides, Posters / Printed Materials, Print / Radio / TV PSAs, Spokespersons / Spokescharacters, Studies, Website
Target Audience: Consumers


Brochure: "Illegal File-Sharing: The Risks aren't worth it"

PSAs: "What are you really burning" anti-piracy trailers featuring voices of famous Australasian actors (2008: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Australia); Thai anti-piracy PSA featuring local actress and singer Marsha Watanapanich (2007); "Movie Piracy. It's A Crime" series (2004)

Anti-camcording piracy campaigns including: warning messages in cinemas (Singapore); display/distribution of posters highlighting that that camcording is a criminal offence (Thailand); anti-camcording posters (Philippines); anti-camcording trailer/stickers (Hong Kong)

Report: "The Cost of Movie Piracy"

Anti-piracy reward schemes to encourage individuals to report copyright piracy

[Date Added/Updated: Nov 22, 2012]