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Organizer: Finnish National Board of Education (OPH), National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland (NBPR), Innofinland
Country/Territory: Finland
Language: English
Focus: Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Inventions
Outreach Tools: Awards / Scholarships / Grants, Competitions, Events, School Visits
Target Audience: Kids / Tweens / Teens, School Teachers


Annual "Innoschool Innovation Event" (since 2000) to promote creativity, inventiveness, enterprise and a sense of achievement among comprehensive school pupils and vocational institute students; at these events, the meaning and necessity of creativity and inventing is explained to the pupils and the relation between inventiveness and entrepreneurship is discussed; the event lasts 2-3 lessons and is carried out class by class in the school on a date that has been agreed on with the teacher or the headmaster; the basic material including a compact information pack, background information for the teacher and a form for the pupils’ ideas will be sent by the Innofinland Bureau to schools that have registered for the event; includes associated "Innoschool Prize"

[Date Added/Updated: Jan 28, 2010]