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Organizer: Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFA©T)
Country/Territory: Australia
Language: English
Focus: Film Piracy
Outreach Tools: Brochures / Guides, Cartoon Animations / Comics, Films / Videos, Helpline / Hotline, Studies, Website
Target Audience: Consumers, General Public, Kids / Tweens / Teens


Comic book: "Escape from Terror Byte City" (2009) aimed at five to ten-year-olds; tells the story of Jeremy and Ben who become trapped in a virtual city after downloading an unauthorised copy of a movie from a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing site

Videos: "Hear from people who work in the industry"

Factsheets: "P2P File Sharing – What’s illegal, what’s at risk, and how to stay safe", "Practical advice" reference guides

Study: "Economic Contribution of the Film and Television Industry" (2009)

Piracy reporting form and hotline

[Date Added/Updated: Feb 11, 2011]