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Organizer: Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA)
Country/Territory: Republic of Korea
Language: English
Focus: Arts, Creativity, Inventions, Science
Outreach Tools: Awards / Scholarships / Grants, Campaign, Camps, Competitions, Curriculum Materials, Events, Exhibitions, Interactive Games, Training, Website
Target Audience: Kids / Tweens / Teens, Parents, School Teachers, University Professors, University Students


Campaign: "One person with One Invention" to create an environment in which all Koreans have interest in inventions

"Invention Teen" website contents: cartoons, message board, games

Competitions: "National Essay and Cartoon Contest" about invention for elementary and middle school students

Events: "Korea Student Invention Exhibition" (to find and train potential inventors); "International Students' Invention Exhibition" (jointly held with China and Japan)

Training: "Invention Camp" (to promote creativity of elementary and middle school students); promoting invention protection activities of universities; "I-School" (educational program for student groups consisting of offline, in-person teacher trainings and online classroom support)

Scholarship: student invention scholarship (to encourage students to choose science and engineering majors at university level)

[Date Added/Updated: Jan 27, 2010]