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How to Protect Trademarks Internationally with the Madrid System

Registering your trademarks internationally – to protect and differentiate your products and services from those of competitors – is the first step in protecting your commercial interests abroad and an integral part of any successful global business strategy.

Enterprises of all sizes rely on trademarks to communicate their brand values in the marketplace. The Madrid System supports SMEs in expanding their business across borders while helping them build up a valuable IP asset. This can be of extra importance to smaller businesses that may own comparatively few tangible assets.
Daren Tang
Video: An introduction to the International Trademark System.

Eight ways the Madrid System helps you protect your trademarks

1. Single application

2. Flexibility to expand protection

3. Worldwide protection

4. Portfolio management

5. Cost savings

6. Single registration

7. Predictable system

8. Online tools


More on the Madrid System

With over 1.5 million trademarks registered worldwide, the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks is the top choice for international trademark registration among export-oriented SMEs.

The Madrid System is the unique global system to  seek brand protection in multiple export markets. It is a convenient and cost-effective solution for registering and managing trademarks worldwide.

It empowers trademark owners, notably from SMEs, to secure their trademark internationally, lowering the cost of protection abroad and helping them to build up a valuable IP asset.

The Madrid System is used extensively by SMEs with 86 percent of the users holding a trademark portfolio of less than three international trademark registrations.

Resources available under the Madrid System

  • WIPO's Global Brand Database - enables you to search trademarks that are already registered in target markets.

  • Madrid Goods & Services Manager - enables you to identify the class(es) of goods and services under which your trademark shall be registered.

  • Madrid Fee Calculator - allows you calculate the cost of the registration.
  • Member Profiles Database - provides information on local trademark practices (i.e national laws and procedures, and special requirements of some IP offices).

  • Madrid Monitor - allows you to track the status of your international application or trademark registration or your competitors' trademarks.

  • Madrid Portfolio Manager - allows you to manage your portfolio of international trademark registrations via a single secure access with a WIPO Account