Millennium Development Goals and WIPO

Intellectual Property for Development

The adoption of the Millennium Declaration in 2000 by all 189 member states of the UN General Assembly was a defining moment for global cooperation in the 21st century. The Declaration set out within a single framework the key challenges facing humanity at the threshold of the new millennium, outlined a response to these challenges, and established concrete measures for judging performance through a set of inter-related commitments, goals and targets.

The Millennium Declaration brought clarity to the shared and individual roles and responsibilities of key parties:

  • of Governments to achieve or enable the achievement of goals and targets;
  • of the network of international organisations to marshal their resources and expertise in the most strategic and efficient way possible to support and sustain the efforts of partners at global and country levels;
  • of citizens, civil society organisations (CSOs) and the private sector, to engage fully in this ground-breaking effort, by bringing to bear their unique strengths for motivation, mobilisation and action.

Millennium Development Goals and WIPO's Contribution