WIPO and epi Discuss Cooperation on IAP

April 28, 2017

On 24 February, 2017, a meeting between WIPO and The Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi) took place at the latter’s headquarters in Munich, Germany. The coordination meeting allowed the two organizations to discuss, in greater detail, the various ways they can cooperate to effectively implement WIPO’s Inventor Assistance Program (IAP).

During the meeting organizational matters, such as the possibility to apply to work as a pro bono attorney with the IAP via the EPI website were discussed.

From left to right: Mr. Tony Tangena, President, epi; Mr. Marco Aleman, Director, Patent Law Division, WIPO; Mr. Peter Thomsen, Treasurer, epi; Ms. Sadia Liebig, epi Secretariat. (Photo: epi)

epi’s role

One of the challenges facing the IAP is how to establish a strong network of pro bono attorneys, not only in the countries where the Program has already been launched (Colombia, Morocco and the Philippines), but in three other major areas in which patent applications are likely to be filed, namely the United States of America, Europe and Japan.

The epi, as a sponsor of the IAP, plays an important role in the promotion of the Program among European patent attorneys. 

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