Inventor Assistance Program: Apply as an Inventor

Who can apply?

Individial inventors or small businesses based in a country participating in the Inventor Assistance Program (IAP) can apply. To qualify for support, you must satisfy four main criteria (plus any specific national criteria):

  1. Basic knowledge of the patent system: Demonstrated by:
    • successfully completing the online IAP training module; or
    • presenting proof of a current patent application that has been filed at the patent office of an IAP participant country.
  2. Income level: Your income must be below the threshold determined by the country in question.
  3. Eligible invention: You must have an invention that qualifies for IAP. Decisions on the eligibility of inventions are taken by the IAP screening board of the country in question.
  4. Residence: You must be a resident in the country in which you make the request and that country must be a participant in the IAP.

How to apply

Applying to the IAP is very easy:




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For specifics on each country, please refer to the following information: