New Hague System “How to” Video Tutorials

January 10, 2023

We have just released the first in a series of “How to” video tutorials, designed to give you an even better understanding of Hague System online tools and transactions.

In this first episode, we walk you through “Manage Representative”, the newest self-service function in eHague. This deep-dive into managing representatives will provide you with a step-by-step explanation of how to appoint or cancel a representative, or update a representative’s contact details through eHague. We also explain who can do what, and provide more information on what happens once you’ve submitted your request.

Video: How to manage representatives

We will be publishing more Hague System “How to” tutorials over the coming months, each time featuring a different tool or transaction. Stay tuned!

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WIPO's Hague System provides a unique international mechanism for securing and managing design rights simultaneously in more than 90 countries through one application, in one language with one set of fees.