International Registrations: Change to the Format of Structured Data

November 30, 2020

Currently, structured data of international registrations, which are subject of exchange with Offices, are provided by WIPO in both DTD and ST.96 format. This is also the case for international registrations published in the International Designs Bulletin (IDB).

As of March 31, 2021, the ST.96 format (version 4.0) will be the only authoritative and supported source of structured data. This streamlining has been long foreseen by WIPO to ensure accuracy and consistency of the data provided, the DTD format being unable to represent certain design-specific information in sufficient detail or scale to non-Latin languages.

WIPO will undertake no further development of the legacy data format but as a convenience to Offices as they transition to ST.96v4 will continue to support incoming and outgoing data streams in DTD and previous versions of ST96, on a best-effort basis only, until further notice. Important: WIPO cannot guarantee that the data will match those published in the IDB.

The 12/2021 edition of the Bulletin, to be published on Friday, March 26, 2021, will be the last to use DTD as an authoritative format.

You will be able to download test files for Version 4.0 of ST.96 starting December 1, 2020.

Download Information Notice No. 39/2020

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