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WIPO Global Awards cover picture

WIPO Global Awards 2023

The contest was open to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), attracting 548 submissions from 58 countries spanning diverse sectors such as the creative industries, environment, health, and others. From this pool of applications, The WIPO Secretariat shortlisted the 25 finalists, originating from 16 countries across the globe, in the running to become one of seven winners.

A diverse panel of six judges, experts in IP, innovation and business from a variety of backgrounds, carefully selected seven winners out of the 25 finalists.

The event, held on July 11 in Geneva, was hosted by the WIPO Director General Mr. Daren Tang and members of the international jury, and included a roundtable discussion focused on the challenges and opportunities encountered by SMEs in navigating the IP system.

Winners were awarded a tailored mentoring program in crucial areas such as accessing financial resources, forging business alliances, and fortifying their IP strategies.

2023 WIPO Global Awards Winners

The accomplishments of the winning enterprises range from nanotechnology platforms designed for precise drug delivery to plastic-free plastic that is 100% bio-based and from AI-driven cybersecurity solutions to cutting-edge air quality measurement instruments.

Additionally, their advancements in augmented reality, smart logistics, and disruptive entertainment solutions showcase the diverse range of sectors and applications in which IP has enabled the winners to thrive.

Aerosol Magee Scientific - Slovenia

Aerosol Magee Scientific develops and manufactures air quality measurement instruments. They safeguards their innovations and branding through patents and trademarks. Their products address global air quality, climate change, and health issues on a global scale. Despite competitors' attempts to imitate or bypass their technologies, they maintain an exclusive position using strategic patents, conducting IP audits, monitoring the marketplace, and taking legal action when necessary.

[This award] is a testament and a recognition to all the Aerosol Scientific team, for all our work in the past years in the domain of commercializing intellectual property… to help us become the global niche leader in the area of measuring black carbon and carbonaceous aerosols. To my team, this is for you.

Ms. Mateja Forštnarič, CEO of Aerosol from Slovenia

Centro de Retina Medica y Quirúrgica (CRQM) - Mexico

CRMQ's nanotechnology platform for retinal drug delivery revolutionizes blindness treatment. Patents safeguard their exclusivity and commercial advantage, while trademarks strengthen their market position. Collaborations drive global impact and innovative pharmacological products.

This distinction not only validates the hard work we have done, but also motivates us to continue our mission to foster innovation in our journey to achieve our main goal: fighting blindness.

Mr. Arturo Santos Garcia, CEO of Centro de Retina Medica y Quirúrgica (CRMQ) from Mexico

Flexxon - Singapore

Flexxon's AI-based cybersecurity solution defends against real-time ransomware attacks using its extensive IP portfolio, including patents and trademarks. They forge partnerships with major PC manufacturers, attracting investors and revolutionizing the cybersecurity landscape with their groundbreaking X-PHY Al Cybersecure SSD.

I always find it daunting to stand in front of a crowd and tell them humans are the problem. Cyberattacks are a global crisis, minimizing the human error will not solve it. We have engineered an environment where humans are back in charge. Building our IP allowed us to level out the plain field to compete and collaborate with large companies. We hope to inspire other tech-startups and SMEs to leverage on deep tech IP.

Ms. Chan Camellia, CEO & Ms. May Chng, COO & Co-Founder of Flexxon from Singapore

Lactips - France

Lactips leverages its IP portfolio, including global patents, to market innovative, eco-friendly protein-based polymers. Their plastic-free technology is fully biodegradable, water-soluble, and protected by strategic patents and trademarks.

Lactips is very proud to provide proven solutions to eliminate plastic waste and pollution, by providing plastic-free plastic material that is a 100% natural, with the same benefits as traditional plastic. [This award] is a real honor and a great recognition of our passion and engagement to deliver plastic-free plastic to preserve nature.

Mr. Alexis Von Tschammer, CEO from Lactips

Shanghai Westwell Technology Co. Ltd. - China

Westwell pioneers intelligent and eco-friendly solutions for bulk logistics. With a strong IP defense network comprising patents, industrial designs, and trademarks, they develop cutting-edge offerings like WellOcean® for seaports and Qomolo® for autonomous new energy commercial vehicles. Serving 160+ customers in 18 countries and regions.

[At Westwell], we will continue to devote ourselves to innovation and IP protection related work, and will keep focusing on the smart and green technology development and implementation across the world”. [This award] is a recognition for years of efforts and achievements of the team in terms of IP, innovation and protection.

Mr. Rong Zhang, President of Shanghai Westwell Technology Co. Ltd.

Xi'an KissFuture Network Technology Co., LTD - China

Xi'an KissFuture Network Technology Co., LTD. is a leading AR/VR technology company with patented motion platforms and hardware optimization. They provide immersive solutions for VR cinemas and cultural institutions, elevating digital experiences. Holding patents in the U.S. and Japan, with applications filed in Europe and the Republic of Korea, they strategically leverage IP systems to enhance their competitive advantage.

At Xi’an KissFuture, we are convinced that science and technology can empower culture and make it more interesting, and have been focused on this mission for 21 years.

Mr. Chengyu Ning, Founder and CEO of Xi 'an KissFuture Network Technology Co., LTD from China

YAKWETU™ Online Limited - Kenya

YAKWETU™ revolutionizes digital content distribution in Kenya and beyond, combatting piracy with its innovative entertainment technology. Their online home entertainment and edutainment system safeguards and monetizes the intellectual property (IP) of content partners. MyMovies.Africa™, a mobile-first digital cinema extension, protects and commercializes IP rights in African video content worldwide since September 2019.

Yakwetu in Kiswahili has two meanings: it means both of us and for us. We chose this name because it articulates our purpose of making available digital content from Africans for Africans, while protecting it from the greatest threat: piracy.

Mr. Mike Strano, CEO & Co-Founder from Yakwetu from Kenya

2023 WIPO Global Awards Finalists

Among the 25 finalists, 7 outstanding companies emerged as winners. Meet the remaining 18 companies who, despite not securing the top stops, stand as exemplary businesses using IP to drive forward-thinking solutions in their industries.

BeFC logo


Sector: Environment

BeFC® is revolutionizing data transmission by reducing battery drawbacks. With a robust IP portfolio, they patent core technologies, develop trademarks, and copyright. Their ecofriendly electronic platform, combining a wide range of sensors and wireless modules, is powered by BeFC® sustainable, organic and paper-based energy source. They prioritize IP in contracts and plan to safeguard industrial designs, emphasizing the strategic role of IP in maintaining proprietary technology and securing freedom to operate. They aim to extend IP rights globally to support future expansion and market entry.

Cocoly logo


Sector: Agriculture

Cocoly is a fertilizer producer and exporter specializing in granular water-soluble fertilizer. They prioritize protecting their trademarks by applying for registration in multiple countries. Additionally, they leverage their own patents in production, particularly for specific processes, ingredients, and outer packaging of their products.

Digi Smart Solutions logo

Digi Smart Solutions

Sector: Food

With a focus on intelligent management of fish farm water parameters, this company aims to boost production by approximately 40%. Their patents are marketing tool, enhancing brand recognition and consumer confidence. They leverage patent valuation to optimize their IP portfolio on the stated value of their patents, enabling better negotiation and assessing potential returns on investment. Their fully IoT centralized architecture, supported by artificial intelligence tools, analyzes key indicators to inform optimal decision-making.

Dukhoon logo


Sector: Creative Industries

The Dukhoon+ is a patented aroma diffuser that offers a unique experience with natural room fragrances, personal perfumes, and aromatherapy. The company initially focused on obtaining patents and trademarks, but faced challenges with counterfeit products, leading them to pursue an industrial design approach for faster administrative and legal procedures. With plans to enter the global market within the next three years, having a strong IP portfolio ensures a credible and trustworthy business for customers and investors, providing a competitive advantage and protection.

Farmer Lifeline Technologies logo

Farmer Lifeline Technologies

Sector: Agriculture

This company's patented technology empowers marginalized smallholder farming communities to combat crop pests and diseases. Their proprietary device, powered by solar energy and equipped with AI, data analytics, and machine learning capabilities, detects and alerts farmers about crop health issues with recommendations of remedies to take. Intellectual property protection through utility patents and an Exclusive Manufacturer's Agreement safeguards their unique technology and ensures long-term global production rights for the next 145 years.



Czech Republic
Sector: Infrastructure

Futtec a.s is a pioneer in the field of preventive road repairs using unique microwave technology. Since 2011, Futtec has created a world-unique microwave system that aims to change the approach to asphalt road repairs. The company can incorporate a new method of repair thanks to the development of its own machines, which complement the comprehensive method of repairing asphalt roads.  Futtec holds several patents, utility models, and design registrations, securing exclusive rights and preventing the unauthorized use of its solutions. Through trademarks and copyrights, Futtec creates a strong brand identity and protects its audiovisual output and software.

KaryaKarsa logo


Sector: Creative Industries

KaryaKarsa is a platform that empowers storytellers to self-publish their serialized stories and directly sell them to their fans, allowing storytellers to retain 90% of the proceeds. Through their IP management services, KaryaKarsa assists in finding partners for adapting these stories into different formats, such as movies, series, and audio series. Additionally, they collaborate with brands to organize engagement events with the creator community. KaryaKarsa prioritizes the storytellers' control over their copyright by not implementing IP lock-in on the platform and facilitating licensing opportunities for content adaptation.

Netux logo


Sector: Health

Netux strategically leverages its IP assets, including patents, copyrights, and trade secrets, to drive innovation and market its IoT technology solutions. Their technology enables monitoring of critical variables in health institution assets, such as temperature control in medicine refrigerators and quality assessment of hospital gases. The integration of biomedical devices and cloud-based data communication facilitates patient monitoring and follow-up by healthcare professionals. Netux's technology also streamlines health institution processes, such as smart appointment management systems.

PIRKA logo


Sector: Creative Industries

PIRKA holds several trademarks, which is strictly protected in 14 countries, of their elite brands of moisture-resistant, industrial and light plasterboards. Additionally, they have registered industrial models, trade secrets, and copyrighted source code to safeguard their manufacturing techniques and franchise management software. These IP tools ensure exclusivity, shorter installation time, improved worker ergonomics, and reduced accidents, enhancing the company's market position and brand recognition.

Pregenerate logo


Sector: Health

Pregenerate is at the forefront of personalized treatment for arthritis patients with their revolutionary CE-marked chip called "Optimate OA," which utilizes an organ-on-a-chip platform. Pregenerate holds the exclusive license rights and purchase option to the technology from the Veterinary and Technical Universities of Vienna. The worldwide license for the technology grants them unrestricted use of the intellectual property rights for manufacturing, selling, and commercializing products and services. Pregenerate prioritizes IP monitoring to minimize any potential patent infringement risks.

PT Seaweedtama Biopac logo

PT Seaweedtama Biopac

Sector: Environment

Biopac is a social enterprise dedicated to manufacturing and commercializing seaweed-based bio packaging. Their patented technology, licensed from one of their co-founders, forms the foundation of their operations. With a focus on reducing single-use plastic waste, they cater to various industries. By protecting their IP, including patents and trademarks, Biopac has a visionary approach to creating global impact by transferring their seaweed-based packaging technology to partners worldwide, free of royalty fees.

RePG Enerji Sisemleri logo

RePG Enerji Sisemleri

Sector: Green Energy

RePG has developed patented energy technology from harvesting latent and waste heat, which produces energy (electricity, heating & cooling) and water from air. With 77 IP applications (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and utility models) and a robust IP portfolio, the company's IP commercialization strategy is tailored to engage financial and strategic investors. These IP assets solidify RePG's position as a pioneer in the industry and lay the foundation for future revenue generation.

Sager Drone logo

Sager Drone

Sector: Various technologies

Sager Drone's IP strategy enables a competitive advantage in nearly ten countries, controlling product and service use and distribution. This includes trademark registration and copyright protection for their drone-data solutions, renewable energy and utilities services, construction and infrastructure services, and telecommunications. Through trademarks, the company protects its brand name, logo, and distinctive features, fortifying its brand reputation and fostering customer loyalty. Their online platform, SagerSpace™, streamlines the data supply chain, eliminating silos and bottlenecks.

Schaffengott Co. logo

Schaffengott Co.

Republic of Korea
Sector: Various technologies

Schaffengott specializes in providing disaster safety products and services for the Insurtech, smart cities, and mobility sectors. Holding over 100 registered domestic and international IP rights to consolidate their position and protect their products, designs, and technologies. They leveraged their IP rights to raise funds during the early stages of growth, showcasing the value of their intellectual assets. They faced a significant challenge when sued by a global conglomerate, resulting in the loss of their trademark. This experience pushed them towards a more robust IP strategy, allocating a significant portion of their revenue, approximately 10%, to IP rights applications and maintenance costs.

Shanghai Sage Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. logo

Shanghai Sage Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Sector: Industrial technologies

Have filed for numerous patents, copyrights, and trademarks to protect their product range of intelligent mobile co-tri robots with advanced capabilities, targeting industrial and service applications. With a focus on core technologies and product appearances, they have received a significant number of awarded items. They are strategically targeting the European market and have initiated patent applications under the PCT for international protection.

Shanghai Superhigh Environmental Technology logo

Shanghai Superhigh Environmental Technology.

Sector: Various technologies

Patented technology for sophisticated sinter plates and dust-removing devices for dust collectors. They have actively contributed to the establishment of corporate and industrial standards in this field. They have also established a platform for IP protection and integrated patent work into their product development process. Generally, the company follows a "market-oriented" strategy when applying for patents, prioritizing countries with large markets or populations. This approach ensures a strategic focus on regions that offer significant business opportunities and potential customer base.

Shenzhen Pudu Technology Co., Ltd. logo

Shenzhen Pudu Technology Co., Ltd.

Sector: Various technologies

With a focus on delivery robots, Pudu leveraged its IP assets, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights, to protect and expand its product offerings. Their main products, PuduBot and BellaBot, have gained significant recognition in the food delivery sector, resulting in the acquisition of hundreds of exclusive patents and trademark registrations in more than 50 countries and regions. Through commercialization of their patents and licensing of their brand and copyright, they further capitalize on their IP assets. Pudu has been rapidly growing in recent years to become a leader in the global markets with coverage of over 60 countries and regions.

STAR’s Tech logo

STAR's Tech

Republic of Korea
Sector: Environment

STAR's Tech patented technology is protected in seven countries for the upcycling of the invasive species starfish into eco-friendly de-icers, cosmetics raw materials with collagen, and liquid fertilizers. As a subsidiary, it offers technical serum to overseas clients, manufactured only by STAR's Tech factory to reduce the risk of exposing their technologies during the manufacturing process.

International Jury Panel

Meet the six distinguished jury members originating from China, Estonia, Nigeria, Peru, Switzerland, and the United States, each renowned for their expertise in areas spanning rural commodities markets, culinary arts, entrepreneurship, clean technologies, environmental sustainability, and patented innovations.

Gastón Acurio
Gastón Acurio (Peru)
Julius Akinyemi
Mr. Julius Akinyemi (Nigeria)
Songgen Dong
Mr. Songgen Dong (China)
Louis Foreman
Mr. Louis Foreman (USA)
Karoli Hindriks
Ms. Karoli Hindriks (Estonia)
Bertrand Piccard
Mr. Bertrand Piccard (Switzerland)

About the WIPO Global Awards Trophy

Every winner received one of seven distinct trophies specifically designed for the recipients of the WIPO Global Awards Program. The trophy is a tangible representation of excellence, a symbol of achievement, and a testament to the dedication and hard work that it honors. WIPO hopes that it will inspire recipients to push boundaries, embrace innovation and continue their journey of making a positive difference in the world.

Handcrafted with meticulous precision by skilled artisans on the Venetian island of Murano with over 40 years of experience, this trophy honors the winner for harnessing innovation, creativity, and intellectual property for the greater good of society. The trophy’s centerpiece is a magnificent disc, a token of the artistry and skill of Murano glass craftsmanship. The process of creating the trophy begins with gathering molten glass from fire, where it becomes a malleable canvas for the artist’s vision. The disc is handcrafted by layering six sheets of fused glass in shades of blue, orange and yellow, melted together in a delicate dance of heat and expertise.

The transformation from a molten mixture to a solid disc poses a significant challenge. The thickness and restrictions within the glass can lead to potential fractures or even breakage during the cooling process. The trophy is gradually brought to a controlled temperature, allowing the glass to solidify and form its remarkable structure. It is this balance of heat and time that is the true test of the mastery of the glassmaker.

Image: WIPO