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Meet the 2022 WIPO Global Awards Finalists

Twenty innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from around the world are finalists for the first-ever WIPO Global Awards.

A selection team chose the finalists from among 272 submissions from 62 countries for the prize, which celebrates commercial solutions based on intellectual property (IP) rights to impact economic, social and cultural progress both home and beyond country borders, with the first edition focused on smaller companies.

An international jury of business leaders selected the winners, who were unveiled on July 19, 2022, during an awards ceremony held at WIPO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The awards ceremony is available via video-on-demand services. Follow us on Twitter for updates and join the conversation using #WIPOGlobalAwards.

Aerosol logo


The main activities of Aerosol are development, production, sales and marketing, and focus on science and technology of instruments for monitoring carbonaceous aerosols.

Aquamonitrix logo


Aquamonitrix Ltd is dedicated to providing water resource managers with accurate, simple and affordable analysers for nutrient monitoring.

Bigo Safe logo

Bigo Safe

Bigo created a bike device: handmade prototype that solves the problem of lack of visibility and develops a novel and simple control system based on the movements of the head to activate the light signals.

China Railway Tunnel Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Engaged in tunnel survey, design and consultation. Including transportation, water conservancy, energy and other engineering fields.

ForwardX Robotics

ForwardX is a global technology developer focused the Artificial Intelligence and its successful application to intelligent robotics.

Gelatex logo


The growth catalyst of sustainability and health-related industries by developing and producing nanofiber materials.

Global Mobility Service Inc

Global Mobility Service (GMS) is working to increase incomes and create jobs by providing FinTech services and creating access to finance for the 1.7 billion people around the world who are unable to own and work in automobiles because they cannot pass the credit screening process for conventional loans and leases.

Hinode Sangyo Company Ltd

Production and sales of agents for effluent treatment, planning, design, and construction of effluent-treatment facilities, maintenance of effluent-treatment facilities and water-quality analysis, microorganism analysis.


Hydraloop’s objective is to save up to 45% on water and wastewater, reduce their carbon footprint, and keep full comfort of living with low maintenance decentralized greywater recycling solutions.


IntoCare is a Chinese high-tech company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of cutting edge, “best-in-class” surgical devices.


Lucence invents ultrasensitive liquid biopsy tests to provide cancer patients with reliable genomic profiling for early screening, diagnosis, and serial monitoring.


Manaomea has developed a unique and circular upcycling solution "ready-to scale" to turn waste into beauty. They use any textile waste as valuable input and blend it with their own bio resin our – "secret sauce" – to create a tropical-wood like material.


Noriand created a wearable mini barcode scanner: a scanning device used in logistics warehouses, distribution companies, and department stores.


Founded in 2009, RAYCAN Technology Co., Ltd. (Suzhou) specializes in the development and production of radiation detection and imaging equipment.

Schaffengott Tritona

SCHAFFENGOTT innovates and strives to create smart cities, infrastructure, and sustainable housing stability which can protect all the lives and environment over the world.


The company has independently designed and developed domestic leading mobile weather stations and satellite vehicle earth stations


Splink provide consistent solutions to the major issue of dementia that contribute to a society that can coexist with diseases after the onset from prevention at the healthy stage.


SHYLON have dedicated to the design, production and market in outdoor architecture, landscape, street lighting, forging the classic quality by outstanding industrial design ability and innovative, concise design principle.


Using the simplest idea of a curved table, they created a sport which can be played anytime and anywhere, indoor & outdoor, regardless of age and gender.


Thermy is an intelligent study for breast cancer early detection, combining Thermal images and artificial intelligence.

What happens next?

A panel of seven judges with expertise in IP, innovation and business, and drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, evaluated these 20 candidates. They used a range of criteria, including the successful commercialization of IP and its positive impact on economy, society or culture, while considering the diversity of the contenders and their locations.

What did WIPO Global Awards winners receive?

The five final winners received a variety of awards, including:

  • WIPO Global Awards Murano Trophy;
  • Promotion, visibility and recognition through Awards ceremony, special Awards webpage, WIPO media, and other external IP related media;
  • Skills building program for winners through an IP Skills Building Course for SMEs, suitably adjusted for the particular awardee;
  • Provision of a customized mentorship program and facilitation of access to financial/commercial sponsorship programs to further expand business or research cooperation.
WIPO Global Awards Murano Trophy
WIPO Global Awards 2022 Murano glass trophy. (Photo: WIPO)


WIPO launched a new initiative, the Global Awards for SMEs competition, which aims to encourage the commercialization of IP assets by rewarding SMEs that innovate with IP. The competition seeks to identify creative commercial solutions based on IP rights that impact economic, social and cultural progress.