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Copyright Offices

Competent administrationMinistry of Information and Culture (MoIC)

Department of Planning and External Affairs
Ministry of Information and Culture
Mohammad Jan Khan Watt
Kabul, Province
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Telephone(93) 20 210 1312
Telefax(93) 20 210 3426
Title and name of headDirector: Mr. Zardasht Shams

Industrial Property Offices

Competent administrationAfghanistan Central Business Registry & Intellectual Properties
Ministry of Industry and Commerce (ACBR-IP)
Web site address

Afghanistan Kabul City
District #8 Chaman Huzuri
Kabul Nandary Area
Behind Afghanistan Cricket Board
ACBR – IP Offices

Telephone(93) 748 05 96 93
(93) 20 250 03 28
Title and name of headACBR-IP General Director: Mr. Mohammad lbrahim Shams