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South Africa

Intellectual Property Offices

Competent administrationCompanies and Intellectual Property Commission
Department of Trade and Industry (CIPC)
Web site address

Physical Address:
Block F
the dti Campus
77 Meintjies Street

Postal Address:
Private Bag X400
Pretoria 0001

Telephone(27 12) 394 1298 (Dr Nyatlo)
(27 12) 394 5109 (Ms. Coetzee)
(27 12) 394 1512 (Ms. Lotheringen)
(27 12) 394 5094 (Ms. Skosana)
(27 12) 394 5106 (Mr. Petje)
E-mail (Ms. Coetzee) (Ms Lotheringen) (Ms. Skosana) (Mr. Petje) (Commissioner Voller) (Ms. Maimela) (Dr. Nyatlo)
Title and name of headCommissioner: Mr. Rory Voller
Executive Manager: Innovation & Creativity: Ms. Nomonde Maimela
Senior Manager : Trademarks: Ms. Fleurette Coetzee
Senior Manager: IP Enforcement: Ms. Amanda Lotheringen
Senior Manager: Indigenous Cultural Expressions and Knowledge: Ms. Velaphi Skosana
Senior Manager: Copyright : Mr. Kadi Petje
Divisional Manager: Innovation Support & Protection: Dr. Sheila Mavis Nyatlo