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Copyright Offices

Competent administrationMauritius Society of Authors (MASA)
Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage
Web site address

Avenue des Artistes, Beau Bassin

Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage
7th Floor
Renganaden Seeneevassen Building
Cnr Pope Hennessy & Maillard Streets
Port Louis

Telephone(230) 454 7931/467 2219 (MASA)
(230) 210 0442 (Ministry)
(230) 212 5848 (Ministry)
Telefax(230) 454 0578 (MASA)
(230) 212 9366 (Ministry)
Title and name of headDirector of Culture : Mr. Islam Bhugan
Officer in-charge (MASA) : Mrs. R. Lafleur
Permanent Secretary: Mrs. M. J. Jaunbocus

Industrial Property Offices

Competent administrationIndustrial Property Office (IPO)
Regional Integration and International Trade
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Web site address

11th Floor, Sterling House
Lislet Geoffroy Street
Port Louis

Republic of Mauritius

Telephone(230) 213 8231
(230) 208 5714
(230) 208 7352
Telefax(230) 210 9702
Title and name of headActing Controller: Mr. Ranjive Beergaunot