About the Diplomatic Conference

June 20 to 26, 2012 - Beijing, China

The Diplomatic Conference concluded successfully on June 26 with the adoption of an international treaty to protect the intellectual property rights of audiovisual performers, such as film and TV actors.   This new instrument strengthens the precarious position of performers in the audiovisual industry by providing a clearer legal basis for the international use of audiovisual productions, both in traditional media and in digital networks. It also contributes to safeguarding the rights of performers against the unauthorized use of their performances in audiovisual media, such as television, film and video.

The Conference was open to:

  • Government delegations
  • representatives of invited Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and
  • others as defined in Rule 2 of the Draft Rules of Procedure PDF, Draft Rules of Procedure

The venue for the Conference was the China World Hotel of China World Trade Centre (CWTC).


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Actors call for Treaty (June 22)

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