Questionnaire on Limitations and Exceptions

The WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) has agreed to address the issue of exceptions and limitations to copyright and related rights for the purposes of education, libraries and persons with disabilities, by exploring existing and proposed national laws on the subject, with a view to strengthening international understanding on exceptions and limitations.

At the 17th session of the SCCR held in November 2008, the WIPO Secretariat was requested to prepare a draft questionnaire regarding exceptions and limitations, with particular emphasis on the issues regarding education, libraries and persons with disabilities, for the consideration of Member States of the SCCR in the 18th session.

At the 18th session of the SCCR held in May 2009, it was agreed that delegations would send comments on the draft questionnaire (document SCCR/18/3) to the Secretariat. Based on those comments, the Secretariat would present a revised questionnaire.

At the 19th session of the SCCR held in December 2009, delegations were invited to send comments on the revised version of the questionnaire, or second draft questionnaire (document SCCR/19/2), to the Secretariat. On the basis of the comments and the discussions of the Committee, the Secretariat finalized the questionnaire without any substantial changes in the content of the questions, and while retaining its seven chapters, and submitted it to the Member States and the European Union for replies by May 28, 2010.

The Secretariat completed a first Report (document SCCR/20/7) for the 20th Session of the SCCR based on the information gathered from the replies to the questionnaire.

Member States not included in the above Report were invited to complete the questionnaire in order to prepare an update of the Report which includes additional responses submitted by Member States, no later than August 12, 2010.

The Secretariat has prepared a consolidated paper for the 21st session of the SCCR (document SCCR/21/7).