WIPOCOS - Software for Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights

WIPOCOS is a multi-purpose, multi-user client-server application developed by WIPO for collective management organizations or societies (CMOs) requiring a modern and reliable computerized system that will enable them to perform, with full accountability, the main operations involved in collective management of copyright and related rights.

It is a demand-driven tool which addresses the challenges of transfer of technology in the ever-evolving, intricate and globalizing field which collective management has become.

WIPOCOS is developed, owned and maintained by WIPO. In many instances, the software could be offered free of charge with professional maintenance and support. WIPOCOS is developed in close co-operation with individual CMOs as well as the international trade associations grouping these CMOs.


Software for Collective Management Organizations


WIPOCOS was designed to help stakeholders in developing countries to overcome the expense and complexity of IT systems. It aims to:

  • offer a modern and reliable computerized system capable of performing the main CMO operations;
  • enable developing CMOs to apply the highest international standards;
  • provide CMOs with a digital tool that is simple and customized to their level of development; and
  • ensure a timely, transparent and autonomous distribution of royalties.

While initially WIPOCOS’s main focus is on rights in musical works, new software modules should be developed to apply to other types of rights such as audiovisual works and performances, drama and choreography, literary works and reprography, and provide enhanced functionalities in the field of licensing.

Structure of the software

WIPOCOS consists of several interlinked databases that are designed to interact with the existing international databases established by CMOs throughout the world. The application works on the following database system:

  • Authors and Performers
  • Works
  • Publishers and Producers
  • Sound Recordings
  • Sound Recording Sessions
  • Audiovisual Productions

As the building-blocks of WIPOCOS are enshrined in modularity and interoperability, the system is devised to further offer five modules that can be interconnected or work independently:

Module Description
Prime Combines the functionalities of all the modules
Perform For joint management of performers’ and producers’ rights
Artist For single–performer organizations
Producer For individual societies managing phonogram producers’ rights
Copyright For organizations dealing with music copyright