How to Make a Living in the Video Game Industry

People working in different creative industries, such as music, film, publishing, and now interactive entertainment software – or video games – have specific information needs regarding different intellectual property (IP) issues. WIPO’s “How to Make a Living” publications address those needs.

The video game industry - where cutting edge creativity meets the latest technology - is the fastest growing content sector in the world. Yet its entrepreneurs and creators, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, may be unaware of the legal and business implications of IP when they create and distribute content. Video game developers may, for example, have little knowledge of the importance of copyright in negotiating contracts that will determine ownership of the creative content in their video games.

Mastering the Game: Business and Legal issues for Video Game Developers PDF, Mastering the Game: Business and Legal issues for Video Game Developers explains key business and legal issues to help video game developers promote and protect their copyright works.

Mastering the Game - Business and Legal Issues for Video Game Developers


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