How to Make a Living from Music

Building a successful career in music involves abilities to manage intellectual property (IP) rights. WIPO supports authors and performers in enhancing their knowledge of the intellectual property aspects involved in their professional work. Copyright and related rights can help musical authors and performers to generate additional income from their talent.

In this area of work WIPO is assisting music professionals in identifying their income streams, based on their IP. It provides practical information to authors and performers who are in the process of establishing themselves in the market and clarifies the interface between talent and creativity on the one hand and management skills and entrepreneurship, on the other hand. An important factor for success is the existence of an enabling infrastructure involving copyright management structures and appropriate compensations schemes.

How to Make a Living from Music


Learning resources

Module 1: Does Music Matter?

Module 2: Music Income Streams

Module 3: Building a Fanbase

Module 4: Building a Team and Playing Live

Module 5: Placing Music in Film, Television, Advertising and Video Game Productions