Copyright in the Digital Environment

Digital technology and the Internet have created a powerful tool for fast and affordable distribution of creative content reaching billions of people in every corner of the world. The rise of the digital environment brings both opportunities and challenges to rightsholders and the general public; understanding and addressing how this affects the functioning of the copyright system is possibly among the most fundamental IP questions currently discussed by policy makers on a global scale.

A Proposal for Analysis of Copyright Related to the Digital Environment within the work of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) was put forward (by GRULAC countries) in 2015 during the 31st session of the SCCR. The objective was to open up a debate on number of related topics, such as the efficiency of current legal frameworks, the remuneration of authors and performers linked to digital uses, or the management practices of emerging online businesses.

As a result of these first exchanges, a series of studies have been prepared to inform the discussions and future work of the Committee.


In recent years, the Secretariat has arranged for a number of studies and reports mapping the digital environment in various jurisdictions. Short discussions of these studies were presented in video format to Members and Observers during various sessions of the SCCR.

Butler: Inside the Global Digital Music Market (2021)
Calboli-Hwang: Report on the Online Music Market and Main Business Models in Asia: Overview and General Trends (2021)
Castle-Feijoo: Study on the Artists in the Digital Music Marketplace: Economic and Legal Considerations (2021)
Cobo: The Latin American Music Market (2021)
Sagna: Étude portant sur le marché numérique de la musique en Afrique de l’ouest (2021)