Celebrate World Intellectual Property Day; Deliver our message to developing countries

April 27, 2021

World Intellectual Property (IP) Day, 26 April 2021, was an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of IP, not only in developed counties but also in developing countries. This year, WIPO featured small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as we all know one of the most crucial players in the world economy. IP rights can make SMEs stronger, more competitive and resilient. Taking this opportunity, Funds-In-Trust (FIT) Japan IP Global made a contribution to various promotional tools and events in order to deliver the message of WIPO to SMEs in developing countries.

World IP Day, Taking your ideas to market
(Photo: WIPO)

Social media kit

People access information through the social media in these days. WIPO provided social media advertisements in 8 different languages targeting different audiences, e.g. inventors, creators, designers, in a range of sectors. These advertisements serve as a hook to capture the attention and interest of target audiences and raise their awareness of IP.

Interactive storyboard

IPR GO, a cartoon-style interactive storyboard, traces the lifecycle of an idea on its journey to market. Users are able to click through or jump to different parts of the journey and to navigate their own path as they engage with the content, offering them a unique viewing experience and allowing them to follow their interests at several different decision points in that journey.

World IP Day documentary program on IP and SMEs

The program was aired on World IP Day. It featured a number of SMEs case studies and commentary from IP experts, focusing on key IP-related issues and lessons they faced and learned, such as the importance of developing and implementing an IP strategy, defending IP rights, using IP to secure funding and to create business value.

Event at WIPO Japan Office

WIPO Japan Office organized the online event on World IP Day to deliver the roles and importance of IP in encouraging innovation to the broad public. Following the remarks of Mr KASUTANI Toshihide, the Commissioner of Japan Patent Office, keynote speeches from 5 excellent speakers and panel discussions by panelists from a wide range of fields were delivered to audiences in order to share their knowledge and experiences of IP and SMEs.