FIT Japan IP Global supports the promotion of WIPO’s global platform, WIPO GREEN, and WIPO Re:Search.

(Photo: WIPO)


FIT Japan IP Global supports training workshops and study programs to promote innovation and facilitate technology transfer based on the strategic use of IP. In particular, FIT Japan IP Global has supported WIPO GREEN to encourage effective use of green technology in the world.

WIPO Re:Search

WIPO Re:Search aims to stimulate further R&D for new and better treatment options to address neglected tropical diseases, malaria and tuberculosis. FIT Japan IP Global has supported training programs and promoting activities of WIPO Re:search since the early stage of this framework.

Making of films to showcase success stories

FIT Japan IP Global supported in making a video that features the elements of WIPO Re:Search and people who are engaging in the project. This video shows the capability and effectiveness of a global consortium to address NTDs, TB and malaria. You can access the video from website of WIPO Re:search.