About ASPI

The Access to Specialized Patent Information (ASPI) program was launched in 2010 by the World Intellectual Property Organization in cooperation with its partners LexisNexis, Minesoft, ProQuest(1), Questel, Thomson Reuters, and WIPS. The aim of this partnership is to support developing countries in more fully exploiting their innovative potential by leveraging the valuable information contained in patent documents to develop new solutions to technical problems faced at the local and international levels.

Thus, the ASPI program is intended to contribute to achieving the objectives of the WIPO Development Agenda, in particular Recommendation 8 (“[to facilitate] the national offices of developing countries, especially LDCs, as well as their regional and sub-regional intellectual property organizations to access specialized databases”). The ASPI program will also complement the activities being carried out within the framework of the Access to Research for Development and Innovation (ARDI) program as well as the patent search and analysis tools provided by the PATENTSCOPE search service.

 (1) ProQuest has deferred participation until patent content is available on the ProQuest Dialog™ service.