WIPO eADR is an optional online case management tool developed and managed by the WIPO Center. It aims to facilitate the conduct of cases under the WIPO Mediation, Arbitration, Expedited Arbitration or Expert Determination Rules (WIPO Rules) by enabling parties and neutrals (mediators, arbitrators and experts) in WIPO ADR proceedings to share and access case-related information through a single and secure portal. The main features of WIPO eADR are:

Security: All information stored in WIPO eADR is firewall protected and encrypted. Every time a user accesses WIPO eADR, the user will be authenticated through its username, password and one-time passcodes furnished via a mobile device app. WIPO eADR as well as the Center’s other IT systems are ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management) certified.

Case Communications: WIPO eADR allows parties and neutrals in a WIPO case to securely submit communications electronically into an online docket. Such submissions may be made in different formats, and may be uploaded into WIPO eADR as stand-alone files or into a hierarchical filing structure. Users receive email alerts of any such submission being made and may access the online docket at any time during the proceedings.

Search facility: Communications submitted in WIPO eADR can be searched and are sortable by certain categories, including free text search.

Message Board: Users may post messages in the Message Board. Once a message has been posted, a notification will be sent by e-mail to all users in the case.

Case Overview: The Case Overview function provides at-a-glance basic information about the case, including case number, parties’ names, case status, type of dispute resolution clause, governing law and place of arbitration (where applicable), as well as case notes.

Confidentiality and protection of personal data: The WIPO Center maintains confidentiality with regard to WIPO cases in accordance with confidentiality requirements in the WIPO Rules. Concerning the protection of personal data in proceedings under the WIPO Rules, including data included in submissions via eADR, click here.

Free of charge: The WIPO Center makes available eADR to parties in WIPO ADR proceedings at no cost.

For further questions regarding WIPO eADR, please contact the WIPO Center by email to arbiter.mail@wipo.int or telephone at +41 22 338 8247.