WIPO Schedule of Fees and Costs

(as adapted for ccTLD Dispute Resolution: Applicable to: .AC, .IO, .SH)


WIPO expedited arbitration proceedings conducted in connection with a registration in .AC, .IO or .SH will entail the payment of the following fees and costs:  an administration fee to be paid to the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center and the fee to be paid to the Tribunal.  The administration fee is payable by the person filing the Request for Expedited Arbitration.  The fee of the Tribunal is payable by the parties in accordance with the relevant provisions of the WIPO Expedited Arbitration Rules.  The Tribunal will apportion these fees and costs between the parties in the light of all the circumstances and the outcome of the proceedings.  These fees and costs are subject to review by the Center in light of experience gained.

The Tribunal may require a party to provide security for claims and costs.
Administration fee

The amount of the administration fee shall be US$ 500.
Fee of the Tribunal

Unless the Center, after consultation with the parties and the Tribunal, determines otherwise in light of the estimated time needed by the Tribunal for conducting the arbitration, the amount in dispute, the complexity of the subject matter of the dispute, the urgency of the case and any other relevant circumstances, the fee of the Tribunal shall not exceed US$ 1000.  The parties shall each pay US$ 500 as an advance to cover the fee in question.  Any balance remaining after the closure of the proceedings shall be refunded to the parties in accordance with the Tribunal's determination on the apportionment of the costs of the proceedings.


The amount of the security, if any, shall be subject to the determination of the Tribunal.