Schedule of Fees of .CN/.中国

***Important/Action Required***

New WIPO PAY Service

From June 26, payments for all WIPO domain name cases must now be made via the new WIPO PAY facility. This streamlined system allows online payment and viewing of pending financial transactions with WIPO. WIPO PAY is secure and encrypted, and has a number of advantages, including one-click payment (with confirmation by email), the possibility to pay several transactions at once, and a “live” view of all payments across WIPO services.

Action Required Before Use

WIPO PAY requires you to Create a WIPO Account which is a simple process, taking only a couple of minutes, and only has to be done once, ahead of using WIPO PAY for the first time. WIPO Account FAQs.


Once your WIPO Account has been set up, payments can be made via the blue “Pay” button (activate as of June 26) on the Center’s domain name Fees Page. Clicking the “Pay” button will prompt you to authenticate your WIPO Account; you will then be directed to the Center’s payment page, including the payment form to be completed. As before, once the form has been completed and submitted, you will be redirected to the secure payment facility.

Modes of Payment

Payments can be made by credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, or via your WIPO Current Account. (The WIPO Current Account is designed for those carrying out frequent transactions with WIPO. Learn more about the Current Account at WIPO, including how to open one.)

WIPO does not retain sensitive financial payment-related data.

Payment Freeze

From June 21 to June 26, no payments will be possible due to scheduled IT maintenance. You may however still file your WIPO domain name Complaint or Response during that maintenance window and make the relevant payment from June 26. In such case, please simply note in your cover email that the payment will be made in due course.

Further Information

Stay tuned for further information including FAQs.

The following schedule of fees applies in connection with any domain name administrative proceeding initiated, that is to be administered by the Center under the Rules:

Single Panelist

Number of Domain Names Included in the Complaint Fee (United States Dollars)

1 to 5


6 to 10


More than 10

To be decided in consultation with the Center


Three Panelists

Number of Domain Names Included in the Complaint Fee (United States Dollars)

1 to 5


6 to 10


More than 10

To be decided in consultation with the Center

1. The fee consists of an amount to be retained by the Center as an administration fee and an amount to be paid to a Panelist.

2. In the event of the withdrawal of a complaint in accordance with Article 14 of the Rules and Paragraph 6(b) of the WIPO Supplemental Rules, or the termination of an administrative proceeding prior to the appointment of an Administrative Panel, for cases involving up to 10 domain names the Center shall withhold a processing fee in the amount of the Center's share of the total fee; for cases involving more than 10 domain names the Center shall determine in its sole discretion the processing fee to be withheld by the Center. In the event of the termination of an administrative proceeding after the appointment of an Administrative Panel, the Center shall determine in its sole discretion whether any amount of fee paid by either party shall be refunded.

3. Payments shall be made by any of the following means only: (Valid until June 21, 2023)

Bank transfer (for payments in USD):

WIPO / OMPI, 34 chemin des Colombettes, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland
Account number (IBAN):  CH6804835063039782000
Swift Code:  CRESCHZZ80A
Bank:  Credit Suisse, 1211 Geneva 70, Switzerland
(When making the transfer, please indicate the purpose of the payment, including the disputed domain name(s) (mandatory), the paying party and, if available, the WIPO case reference.)

Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover):

Payment by credit card should be made using the Center's secure online Domain Name Credit Card Payment Service. For payment-related queries or difficulties, please call (+41 22) 338 8247.  For data security reasons, this online payment facility will be the only means by which credit card payments can be accepted.

Current Account at WIPO:  deduction from Current Account number

4. Payments by check or in cash will not be accepted. Checks will be returned to the sender.

5. All bank charges, transfer fees or other amounts that may be levied in connection with a payment made to the Center shall be borne by the party making the payment.