WIPO Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: DIE2013-0001 - DIE2013-0199

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Last updated: Mar 22, 2023

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
DIE2013-0001Universal Protein Supplements Corporation d/b/a Universal NutritionComplete Sports Nutrition, Vaidas Radzeviciusanimalpak.ieTransfer
DIE2013-0002Budget Energy Limited (Budget Energy ROI) and Budget Energy Limited (Budget Energy NI)Prepay Power Limitedbudgetenergy.ieComplaint denied
DIE2013-0003eircom LimitedMagnet Networks Limitedefibre.ieTransfer
DIE2013-0004Campion Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Ltd. trading as Campion Pumps-campionpumps.ieTerminated
DIE2013-0005Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.Brendan Furlongsamsung.ieTransfer
DIE2013-0006The Hut.com LimitedJer O'Donoghue & Jamie O'Donoghuemyprotein.ieTransfer
DIE2013-0007Scania CV AB-scaniaparts.ieTerminated