WIPO Domain Name Dispute Resolution Service for .ES

In relation to the ongoing COVID-19 conditions, there is no need to submit hard copies of any documentation (including the Complaint, the Response, and their corresponding annexes)

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Dispute Resolution Policy

Variation of UDRP

Reglamento del procedimiento de resolución extrajudicial de conflictos para nombres de dominio bajo el código de país correspondiente a España (“.ES”)

Relevant differences between the UDRP and the .ES Policy

Whereas the UDRP is limited to the protection of trademark rights, under the .ES Policy a complainant must have “Initial Rights”, which are defined under the .ES Policy as:

  • - Designations of entities validly registered in Spain, denominations or indications of origin, trade names, registered trademarks or other industrial property rights protected in Spain;
  • - Civil names or “notorious” pseudonyms, which professionally identify, among others, intellectual creators, politicians and figures of the show or sport;
  • - Official or generally recognizable names of public administrations and Spanish public bodies

It is sufficient for the complainant to prove that either registration or use of the domain name is in bad faith, whereas the UDRP requires the complainant to prove both

Courts of Madrid, Spain


Only single-member panels are allowed

In relation to the ongoing COVID-19 conditions, the submission of hard copies by the Parties to the proceeding is not necessary

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WIPO Experts

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Eligibility Criteria

.ES domain names are unrestricted in the second level and for third level domain names under “.com.es”. Restrictions apply to other third level domain names such as “.nom.es”, “.edu.es”, and “.gob.es”

Supported Characters

.ES domain names support ASCII and IDN characters

  • - may have between 3 and 63 characters for second-level domain names;
  • - may have between 2 and 63 characters for third-level domain names;
  • - allow letters, numbers, and dashes
  • - do not allow dashes as the first or last characters of the domain name
  • - allow the characters á, à, é, è, í, ï, ó, ò, ú, ü, ñ, ç, and l·l
  • - may not start with the sequence “xn--”



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