STOP Cases in .biz
Listing of all Cases

The domain names listed below are subject to Complaints under the Start-up Trademark Opposition Policy for .biz. The list is regularly updated. Cases are only posted after they have been assigned a WIPO case number. The outcomes of individual Complaints will be posted as they become available, together with the names of the Complainant and the Respondent.

Last updated: 13-Jun-2003

Case number Status case Domain
DBIZ2001-00001 Decided
DBIZ2001-00002 Decided
DBIZ2001-00003 Decided
DBIZ2001-00004 Decided
DBIZ2001-00005 Decided
DBIZ2001-00006 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00007 Decided
DBIZ2001-00008 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00009 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00010 Decided
DBIZ2001-00011 Decided
DBIZ2001-00012 Decided
DBIZ2001-00013 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00014 Decided
DBIZ2001-00015 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00016 Decided
DBIZ2001-00017 Decided
DBIZ2001-00018 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00019 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00020 Decided
DBIZ2001-00021 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00022 Decided
DBIZ2001-00023 Decided
DBIZ2001-00024 Decided
DBIZ2001-00025 Decided
DBIZ2001-00026 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00027 Decided
DBIZ2001-00028 Decided
DBIZ2001-00029 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00030 Decided
DBIZ2001-00031 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00032 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00033 Decided
DBIZ2001-00034 Decided
DBIZ2001-00035 Decided
DBIZ2001-00036 Decided
DBIZ2001-00037 Decided
DBIZ2001-00038 Decided
DBIZ2001-00039 Decided
DBIZ2001-00040 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00041 Decided
DBIZ2001-00042 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00043 Decided
DBIZ2001-00044 Decided
DBIZ2001-00045 Decided
DBIZ2001-00046 Decided
DBIZ2001-00047 Decided
DBIZ2001-00048 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00049 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00050 Terminated
DBIZ2001-00051 Decided
DBIZ2001-00052 Decided
DBIZ2001-00053 Decided