[cctlds-comments] WIPO ccTLD Best Practices

  To: cctlds.mail@wipo.int
  Subject: [cctlds-comments] WIPO ccTLD Best Practices
  From: "Steven J. Metalitz" < metalitz@iipa.com>
  Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 19:33:22 +0200


Name: Steven J. Metalitz
Organization: Smith & Metalitz LLP
Position: Counsel, Copyright Coalition on Domain Names
WIPO has done an excellent job of distilling
into a single concise document the 
key features of policies that should help to minimize the abuse of intellectual 
property rights in the ccTLDs.  These policies should also help in achieving 
other objectives, such as discouraging consumer fraud and abuse, and increasing 
the accountability and transparency of activities on open ccTLDs generally.   
Registries that want their ccTLDs  to become significant factors in e-commerce 
should treat this "Best Practices" document as a baseline upon which to build 
country-specific practices.  I commend WIPO for preparing and issuing this 
document, and encourage it to step up its efforts to persuade ccTLDs to 
implement policies in conformance with it.

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