[cctlds-comments] WIPO ccTLD Best Practices

  To: cctlds.mail@wipo.int
  Subject: [cctlds-comments] WIPO ccTLD Best Practices
  From: Bob Black < zpub@sirius.com>
  Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 01:14:20 +0100


Name: bob black
Whatever is done must prevent the etoy vs. etoys problem.  When a early 
registrant (etoy) was prevented from using their domain by a new company 
(etoys) that did not even exist when etoy registered it's domain  - something 
is not working.  This kind of bullying must be prevented.   The basic problem 
is what country's courts have jurisdiction.  Strong preference should go to who 
registered a domain first.  Cyber squatting might be prevented by perhaps 
creating a limit of the number of domains a person could register before having 
to certify that he/she is registering a domain for the purpose of appropriating 
the intellectual property of another.  A domain registrar should not be put in 
the position of arbitrating trademark issues.  The only way a domain 
registration should be changed is when the initial registrar asks that it be 
changed.  If another party wants a registration change they must go to a court 
with jurisdiction over the person making the initial registration and !
sue to force a change. 


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