AGICOA - Schedule of Arbitration Fees and Costs

WIPO Expedited Arbitration for AGICOA

(All amounts are in United States dollars)

Type of Fee Amount of Fee
Registration Fee $ 500
Arbitrator’s Fees Unless the parties agree otherwise, a rate of $ 300 per hour as agreed by the Center in consultation with the parties and the arbitrator, capped at a maximum of $ 5,000. This cap does not automatically apply in multiple party cases.

1. Prior to the establishment of the arbitral tribunal, the Center shall fix an arbitrator’s hourly or daily fee rate, in consultation with the parties and the arbitrator. In so doing, the Center shall take into consideration such factors as the amounts in dispute, the number of parties, the complexity of the dispute and the status and any special qualifications required of the arbitrator.

2. An arbitrator shall be required to maintain a detailed and accurate record of the work done and the time spent on the arbitration. Following the termination of the arbitration, a copy of such records shall be provided to the parties and the Center, together with the arbitrator’s invoice.

3. After consulting with the parties and the arbitral tribunal, in multiple party cases, the Center shall determine the final amount to be paid to the sole arbitrator, taking into consideration the hourly or daily rates and maximum rates and other factors such as the complexity of the subject matter of the dispute and of the arbitration, the total time spent by the arbitrator, the diligence of the arbitrator and the rapidity of the arbitration proceedings

4. For the purposes of calculating the fees, the amount of claims expressed in currencies other than United States dollars shall be converted to amounts expressed in United States dollars on the basis of the official United Nations exchange rate prevailing on the date of submission of the Request for Arbitration.

5. All bank charges, transfer fees or other amounts that may be levied in connection with a payment made to the Center shall be the responsibility of the party making the payment.