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May 19, 2022

The first WIPO Innovation Skills Development Camp (InnoCamp) on intellectual property (IP) will take place online from June 13 to 24, 2022. The camp is aimed at university students, professors, and researchers in academic institutions who are interested in learning more about the strategic use of patents in innovation.

InnoCamp will cover IP methodologies that are essential for taking an innovative idea from research and development (R&D) to the entrepreneurial start-up phase. Candidates can now apply for the camp until June 5, 2022.

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What will I learn about at InnoCamp?

InnoCamp will be held in Engilsh and will include interactive lectures by renowned IP experts and practical final group projects. The program will cover topics pertaining to innovation and IP commercialization such as:

  • Inventive idea generation and development;
  • Strategies and approaches for protecting patents and innovations;
  • Analyzing the patent landscape including the technology and market environment, and IP-driven R&D methodologies;
  • IP-backed financing and business plan drafting; and
  • WIPO resources for technology and innovation.

Participants will receive a WIPO certificate upon successfully completing the InnoCamp by submitting a group project and maintaining a minimum attendance rate of 80%. A prize will also be awarded to the best group project submission.

Application details

InnoCamp is jointly organized by WIPO and the Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency (KISTA), with the assistance of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). All candidates must have completed at least one course on patents prior to participating in the InnoCamp. Having completed one of the following WIPO Academy distance learning (DL) courses on patents would meet this prerequisite, however any previously completed course on patents, even if not listed below, would suffice:

  • the Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (DL-101-PCT);
  • the Specialization Course on the Essentials of Patents (DL-170);
  • the eTutorial on Using Patent Information (DL-177);
  • the Advanced Course on Patents (DL-301);
  • the Advanced Course on Patent Information Search (DL-318); or
  • the Advanced Course on Patent Drafting (DL-320).

Please contact the program administrator if you wish to directly apply or if you have any enquiries about InnoCamp. Valid applications must include a CV, and a letter of motivation (single page). Qualified applicants will be selected based on their study and interests. Only selected candidates will be contacted by the program administrator.

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