Update: WIPO–CIPTC Cooperation on IP Education

December 17, 2018

The WIPO Academy and the China Intellectual Property Training Center (CIPTC) completed their second Steering Committee meeting, from December 3 to 5, 2018, since the signing of the cooperation agreement in 2016.

The Steering Committee approved the additional offering of several WIPO Academy Distance Learning (DL) courses in Chinese in 2019, which will be managed and administered by the CIPTC.

From left to right: Tshimanga Kongolo, Head, WIPO Academy Professional Development Program; Caroline Storan, Distance Learning Officer, WIPO Academy Distance Learning Program; Gao Qiang, Director for International Cooperation, CIPTC; Sun Wei, Deputy Director General, CIPTC; Sherif Saadallah, Executive Director, WIPO Academy; Altaye Tedla, Head, WIPO Academy Distance Learning Program; and Deng Yifan, Director of Education Division II, CIPTC (photo: WIPO).


    Since the decentralization of the WIPO DL courses in Chinese to the CIPTC platform in 2016, there has been an annual increase of 100% in the number of beneficiaries. There have been more than 33,000 beneficiaries to date, with professional backgrounds including government and health officials, researchers, university students, members of the judiciary, IP office staff, lawyers, business managers, and teachers.

    Future plans

    The Steering Committee approved the customization of 12 WIPO Academy DL courses for a Chinese audience. The Academy and the CIPTC will integrate blended learning methodologies through face-to-face lectures to accompany some online courses.  The Committee also decided on the procedures that will be used to engage Chinese intellectual property (IP) experts who will participate as tutors and lecturers in the new blended learning courses. A new cooperation project on the teaching of innovation and creativity through IP for Chinese youth will be launched in 2019.

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