Third WIPO-SIPI Workshop on WIPO IP Diagnostics

February 28, 2023

The strong partnership between WIPO, the Singapore Innovation & Productivity Institute (SIPI) and the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) brought us another impactful workshop to support SMF members to incorporate the Intellectual Property (IP) systems into their business strategies, utilizing WIPO IP Diagnostics.

After a successful kickoff event in November, the third and last workshop in the series was jointly organized by the IP for Business Division (IPBD), the SIPI and the WIPO Singapore Office (WSO) at the premises of the WSO, bringing the overall number of beneficiaries to 57. This specific number was chosen in celebration of Singapore’s 57th National Day and these series of events were a first step in operationalizing the collaboration under the MOU signed on August 24, 2022.
(Photo: Singapore Innovation & Productivity Institute)

17 Singapore small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups, alongside industry and IP experts had the opportunity for direct participation, while the workshop was presented both online and in-person on 28 February 2023. These SMEs and start-ups span across different sectors -- including Medical & Health, Food & Beverages, Food Technology, Electronics and Electrical, Data Security, Smart Automation & System Integration, Marine, and Built Environment.

(Photo: Singapore Innovation & Productivity Institute)

The companies were invited to an interactive, guided session of using WIPO IP Diagnostics, a tool designed by the IP for Business Division (IPBD), the central reference point in WIPO for SMEs and IP-related issues. This tool supports SMEs/Startups to identify their potential IP assets with ease, and learn how to manage them effectively to add value to their businesses. The companies were welcomed to this third and final practice session by Mr. Guy Pessach, Director of the IPBD. After an interactive demonstration, participants were split into two tracks, Technology or Brand based companies, for a more focused perspective on the needs, challenges, and growth potential based on a sound IP strategy for each group.

To share knowledge and increase their understanding of IP in practice, Singapore experts – Audrey Yap, attorney at law and Chairperson of SIPI; Dr. Gilbert Tan, Regional IP Counsel, Yokogawa Electric Asia; and Ms. Connie Kwan, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Aalst Cargill -- were joined by Ms. Thitapha Wattanapruttipaisan, WSO Director and Ms. Mathilde Tachon, Consultant from the IP for Business Division, under the IP and Innovation Ecosystems Sector.

(Photo: Singapore Innovation & Productivity Institute)

The questions and deliberations ranged from IP access for SMEs, gaining clarity regarding misperceptions, weighing “stick” or “carrot licensing”, resorting to legal action or converting copycats into resellers, development of branding and patenting strategies as well as understanding the nature of trade secret disclosure and employment aspects related to IP.

The WIPO-SIPI workshop was the third of such activities under the signed MOU underlining how innovation and IP can support SMEs to compete and grow, aligning with WIPO’s multi-pronged approach to pilot its IP Diagnostics and provide support to SMEs and their intermediaries.

Indeed, under the same framework, WIPO and SIPI/SMF will pursue collaboration to develop more curated and specialized programs of support for the benefit of the different industry verticals under SIPI/SMF, empowering them to capitalize on the IP system for enhanced business competitiveness. Considering the success of this series of engagements, WIPO is grateful for the sustained support from SIPI & SMF, and looks forward to building and leveraging upon this collaboration in the time to come.