Films on Asian Innovators

The WIPO Japan Office, in association with Funds-in-Trust Japan- Industrial Property, is involved in the production of short documentaries featuring innovators from the Asia-Pacific region.

French and Spanish versions are also available on WIPO's YouTube channel.


Mustafa Jabbar – Inventor and entrepreneur

Dr. A.K.M. Munir – Physician-inventor

Maheen Khan – Designer


Siti Kamaluddin - Founder, Origin Films

Maidzatul Akhmarina – Inventor


Helianti Hilman – Entrepreneur

Toien Bernadhie – Entrepreneur

Herman Moeliana – Inventor


Kiyoshi Amemiya – Inventor

Katsushige Nakamura – Inventor

Hiroo Nakayama – Inventor

Takahashi Tomotaka – Inventor

Nanako Wachi – Inventor


Dr. Ramón Barba – Inventor

Tony Tan Caktiong – Entrepreneur

Sri Lanka

Merrill J. Fernando – Entrepreneur

Ruchira Karunaratne – Fashion Designer

Nandadasa Narayana – Inventor


Thosapone Dansuputra – Director General at Department of Intellectual Property (DIP), Ministry of Commerce