Director of WIPO Japan Office Meets with President of Kyushu University Announcing Its Participation in WIPO GREEN

November 22, 2021

On November 18, 2021, Tomoki Sawai, Director of WIPO Japan Office (at left in the photo) visited Kyushu University to hold a meeting with Tatsuro Ishibashi, President of Kyushu University (at right in the photo).

Tomoki Sawai, Director of WIPO Japan Office held a meeting with Tatsuro Ishibashi, President of Kyushu University.
Photo credit: Kyushu University

At the meeting, they exchanged opinions on the promotion of innovation through industry-academia collaboration and the international acquisition and utilization of intellectual property (IP) by universities. The President, Mr. Ishibashi, who has long been engaged in advanced research in the field of ophthalmology and has obtained his own patents in and outside Japan, referred to the current situation of enforcement of patent rights for eye drops in Europe and the importance of securing such rights globally. He also expressed his expectation for WIPO GREEN, a global platform run by WIPO to promote transfer of green technologies, as well as the international patent application system under the PCT, and announced that Kyushu University would consider to be a partner of WIPO GREEN. Mr. Sawai expressed his hope that various green technologies of Kyushu University such as the hydrogen project for decarbonization led by them will greatly promote a sustainable society and that their collaboration will be enhanced not only within Japan but also with the rest of the world through WIPO GREEN. Over 130 partners including government agencies, industrial associations, businesses, and universities around the world have joined WIPO GREEN so far, with participation from Japanese academia increasing since last year.

WIPO Japan Office will continue to work closely with academia and many other related organizations to promote and raise awareness of the importance of IP and WIPO’s initiatives such as WIPO GREEN.