Conference and General Services Division

The Conference Division is responsible for providing efficient and effective records management and archives, printing and mail expedition services; dealing with the formulation, presentation, adoption and implementation of related policy issues; and handling technological projects to streamline and improve the functioning of these areas.

Our activities include:

  • Conference services for delegates of Member States and other participants to meetings;
  • Provision of in-session conference-room and document-services support, including the organization of registration and conference participant badging system;
  • Maintenance of an up-to-date database of official addresses and mailing lists
  • Handling the receipt, sorting and dispatch of incoming mail; routing, filing and tracking of all official correspondence in paper and electronic form
  • Dispatch of outgoing mail and electronic mailing of circulars and invitations
  • Handling requests and general information inquiries for the use of the conference facilities by external users
  • Efficient and timely printing of publications and other documentation to provide Member-States and other stakeholders with the necessary documents and publications to facilitate the work of Diplomatic Conferences, General Assemblies, Committees and other bodies, as well to disseminate information on IP
  • Speedy and cost-efficient mail services
  • Promotion and development of digital record keeping culture to ensure the protection of records and archives; and
  • Messenger services to ensure distribution of incoming and internal correspondence within WIPO

Further details available in the latest Program and Budget Report.


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