Innovation and Knowledge Infrastructure Department

The Access to Information and Knowledge Division is responsible for:

  • facilitating access to patent and non-patent search tools and databases;
  • developing local proficiency to effectively search and exploit technology information with a particular view to narrowing the global knowledge gap and assisting least developed and developing countries to more fully participate in the global knowledge economy;
  • providing services that deliver basic and value-added patent information that is not readily available or requires special expertise for retrieval, analysis and evaluation; and
  • facilitating access to results of examination at other IP institutions

Our activities include:

  • Creating and promoting sustainable Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs).
  • Facilitating access to specialized technical content through the ARDI and ASPI programs.
  • Patent Landscape Reports: analysis of patterns of patenting activity in various fields of technology.
  • International Collaboration on Examination (ICE): provides search and examination reports to IPOs in developing countries; facilitates access to and use of examination results for members of the patent family.
  • WIPO's Patent Information Service for developing countries (WPIS): provides technology search reports to institutions in developing countries, IGOs, and NGOs; provides and facilitates access to legal status of patent applications.

Further details available in the latest Program and Budget Report.


Photo: ROCA CAMPAÑA Alejandro

Senior Director: ROCA CAMPAÑA Alejandro

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