WIPO Ethics Office

The Ethics Office aims to deliver a high quality integrity and ethics system by working to ensure that WIPO personnel at all levels understand their ethical obligations to the Organization, as embodied in the various staff regulations, rules, policies and other guidelines under which WIPO operates and arising from their status as international civil servants or otherwise as members of personnel of WIPO.

In accordance with its mandate, the focus of the Ethics Office is on the following:

  • Developing standards, training and promoting awareness on ethical conduct;
  • Providing confidential advice and guidance to managers and individual members of personnel on situations raising ethical dilemmas;
  • Administering the declarations of interest program and other responsibilities under specific policies and programmes which may be assigned to the Ethics Office.

We are all individually responsible for acting with integrity and conducting business in an ethical manner, thereby ensuring a working environment characterized by professional ethics and integrity and safeguarding the reputation of the Organization. Sometimes responding to a given situation may raise an ethical dilemma for which there is no clear written guidance – when this happens, the first step is to disclose and seek advice before taking action.


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