Intellectual Property and Competition Policy

The Intellectual Property and Competition Policy Area is responsible for analyzing global trends concerning the interface among IP, antitrust and unfair competition, for participating in international competition networks and committees, as well as liaising with other international organizations on IP-related competition matters.

Our activities include:

  • Organizing/participating in national, regional, and international meetings with the objective of enhancing the understanding of the interface between IP and competition policy, facilitating the sharing of experiences, and promoting dialogue between intellectual property offices and competition authorities;
  • Researching the IP and Competition interface, with a particular focus on developing and emerging economies;
  • Conducting surveys;
  • Providing technical assistance to member states looking for ways of developing and implementing national IP policies that ensure and promote competitive markets; and
  • Coordinating with other international organizations.


Photo: Giovanni NAPOLITANO

Director: Giovanni NAPOLITANO

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